Re: ssh und maximale Laufzeit definieren

Autor: Christian Weisgerber <>
Datum: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 16:04:58 +0000 (UTC)
Michael Lestinsky <> wrote:

> Was hier passiert ist, dass das wait tatsächlich wartet, bis das Kind von
> alleine terminiert. In der Manpage lese ich zu wait(2) jedoch:
>      The wait() function suspends execution of its calling process until
>      status information is available for a terminated child process, or a sig-
>      nal is received.  
> wait() sollte also auch auf ein eingehendes Signal hin terminieren.

Ich zitiere mal ein bisschen weiter:

  If a signal is caught while any of the wait() calls are pending, the call
  may be interrupted or restarted when the signal-catching routine returns,
  depending on the options in effect for the signal; see discussion of
  SA_RESTART in sigaction(2).

Und signal(3):

  For some system calls, if a signal is caught while the call is executing
  and the call is prematurely terminated, the call is automatically
  restarted.  Any handler installed with signal(3) will have the SA_RESTART
  flag set, meaning that any restartable system call will not return on
  receipt of a signal.  The affected system calls include read(2),
  write(2), sendto(2), recvfrom(2), sendmsg(2) and recvmsg(2) on a communi-
  cations channel or a low speed device and during a ioctl(2) or wait(2).

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