Autor: Alexander Holler (holler_at_ahsoftware.de)
Datum: 07. Jun 2003


habe gerade etwas gelesen, was evtl. auch für andere interessant ist:

A GNU tar bug that is known since 1994 (this is when I reported it
to the maintainer).

GNU tar is not POSIX compliant and it seems that nobody cares that fact.

I stopped reporting bugs for GNU tar in 1995 (there are many) when I found
that none of the bugs get fixed. As you see, it would have wasted my time.
Now, 9b years later the bugs still have not been fixed.

Conclusion: do not use GNU tar.

Would you ever trust an archiver program that behaves differently in
list/diff/extract mode?

Der Kommentar ist von Jörg Schilly (dem Autor von star) bzgl. einem Bug in

Macht einen schon etwas nachdenklich.



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