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From: Xxxxxxx Yyyyyyyyy - Sun Germany - Pre Sales - SE (
Date: 15. Sep 2000

$ man whodo
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Maintenance Commands whodo(1M)

     whodo - who is doing what

     /usr/sbin/whodo [ -h ] [ -l ] [ user ]

     whodo produces formatted and dated output from information
     in the /var/adm/utmp, /tmp/ps_data, and /proc/pid files.

     The display is headed by the date, time, and machine name.
     For each user logged in, device name, user-ID and login time
     is shown, followed by a list of active processes associated
     with the user-ID. The list includes the device name,
     process-ID, CPU minutes and seconds used, and process name.

     If user is specified, output is restricted to all sessions
     pertaining to that user.

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